Monday, September 22, 2014

Mouth Kitchen

Today Squiddy and i are going to check out the Mouth Kitchen restaurant at Plaza Sing that she has told me about for the longest time because it was said that they have squid ink porridge and squid ink char siew bao!

the sound of it is exciting!

we ordered a hay chor (prawn roll)...

the picture in the menu looked really good and looked like its some prawn cordon bleu with a ham centre.

But like they always say, pictures on menu are just for illustration purposes. the actual thing looks like the above and taste nothing like i imagine. basically just 不好吃. haha

the seafood squid ink porridge....

wow so exciting...

i had loads of visualisation on how it may taste. Well, there was no squid ink taste at all. It tasted like a normal porridge just that its black in colour.

Squiddy said she found it alright while i felt kinda disappointed.

we also ordered a truffle white bait fish...

i felt that this was good! the truffle taste was relatively strong and the fish was soft.

there was also squid ink char siew bao!

again, tasted like a normal char siew bao which is black colour.

it appeared to be the hairy crab season so we ordered one. it was really small in size but what was good was the server managed to break it down for us very nicely....

it was really small, not much meat or roe. Also, maybe because of the hairy crab, there were loads of flies flying around. quite annoying.

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