Friday, July 07, 2017

Tanuki Raw

Catching up with the 有你真好 team over lunch! We checked out one of the current hip place, tanuki raw!

Wham spam fries to share...

Their spam fires isn't too salty which was good. The batter was fine too though I personally might have preferred it thinner.

The sour cream and guacamole was awesome thou!

Most of us went for the donburi! I had the foie gras truffle yakiniku which was going at $19! An addition of $5 makes it a set and comes with a drink, miso soup and salad...

The beef bowl was much better than my first try. Honestly, it's not bad for its price, topped with a nice thick slab of foie gras and egg!

It's probably not right to compare it to the one at Fat Cow (which is crazy awesome btw) because the prices are already quite different. 

The drinks that came with the set. I had the watermelon yuzu while fishy had the honey lemon...

A few of the others had their chirashi don..:

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