Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Maguro Donya

Upon seeing the maguro sushi on social media, i was so drawn by it I had to visit! 

When I googled, it was found that they had a few outlets and one of it at Suntec City tower 3, level 3!

For starters, I had a tamago sushi...

It was delightfully big! Came as a surprise but it's so good! 


And maguro sushi....

This.... this was only $18 and the sashimi MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH! Really! I have never had such good maguro sashimi!!

I also ordered a minced tuna with uni sushi that made me come here!

Oh gosh check out that mountain!! In fact, this is only a hill, there's another one that is bigger, that's probably the real mountain!!

I also had a mini negitoro don!

Which is also good at $19.90 and the tempura was also damn awesome!

The negitoro don...

Winnie had the unagi don...

Which she said was good too!

What a delightful meal! I'm so coming back for the maguro!

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