Wednesday, July 05, 2017


Gathering with Lions was requested to be at +Sixty6 located at 1A Short Street, to show support to this damn yummy but could have to close down due to lack of business Thai place!

It is located near the Rochor's Rochor tau huay!


It is located within this building...



Janice and myself were the first to arrive so we ordered sides to share first. 

First was the stuffed wings....


Check out the batter!


The wings was not bad!

But the prawn cakes were better!


Even as the prawn cakes brushed against each other, that sound of the crisp skin was sooooo good! And the inside was succulent! Really good!


The papaya salad that came with salted egg! I thought it was pretty good!


The spicy seafood vermicelli ...


Which was so shiok and refreshing! A little spicy but it was pretty good!

Tom yum soup...


Which was pretty good too!

The grilled pork collar....


A little sweet but a hot favourite amongst the rest!

Chicken green curry...


I thot their chicken green curry was pretty good! Flavorful and using chicken drum meat!

Another dish we ordered was the seafood curry...


The paste is thick and the gravy tastes like our old school curry twisters! It's nice!

And of course, my favourite fluffy omelette with bak chor!


The rest agreed this is good!


It's really not easy to find such authentic Thai food here! 

Tom yum fried rice...


Green curry fried rice...


Both the fried rice were pretty decent as well.

During my previous entry I mentioned they might have to close down. Today we enquired again, they mentioned they likely will still have to but not so soon! 

Once again, hopefully small businesses like these with legit good food can withstand the challenges and stay on!

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