Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Just Drink (7-11)

Noticed this popping out on my social media recently and it's another craze!

Proudly brought to you by 7-11, sold out almost nation wide. Brought a lot of business to 7-11 coz I already hearsay a lot of people have been going 7-11 hopping just to get a bottle. Also hearsay the prices have been speculated to $15 a bottle online (Duno how true, hearsay only).

Said to cost only about $1 in Taiwan, charging at $2.80 here in Sg 7-11 and 抄到 $15!! Sounds like a must try! Esp since I'm a milk tea lover! I mean, it's so hard to resist Teh Peng! 

So anyway I was so lucky, through a contact of mine, I managed to get a couple of bottles! 

It's like wow finally got my hands on them!

Hehe sorry can Hao Lian a bit...

I tried the milk tea first...

While the milk tea was nice, to be honest I wasn't impressed. It was just a not bad Teh Peng. 

But then the latte, that was amazing! The latte was so fragrant, can smell it even before consuming. We couldn't help but compare it to Old Hen's cold brew (which we really really like). Which this is a much cheaper alternative and much more accessible one (not now, after the craze is over).

And u know the biscuits on the top picture, there's a langue de chat. The white chocolate one is so good! Go check it out at ur next nearest 7-11!

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