Sunday, July 03, 2016

Honolulu Cafe

Really no more queue. Told ya!

One of the shorter lived queues around. Service is really as authentic as a cha Chan ting is in Hong Kong (lousy).

Was in the area and seeing there was no queue, we wanted to try out the curry fish ball that wasn't available previously...

I quite like the curry fish ball though it is totally different from the real ones in Hong Kong. This one is really curry sauce with the localized fish ball. 

And I also tried this drink which they called it coke with salty lemon...

Wow I love it. The bottom part is like some sour plum mixture and when coke is added to it, awesome!

That same server who pretended not to see us did it again! So much so I flagged it out to the probable manager (the guy who is always at the door) again and he just gave me a very 无奈 and he has already tried to counsel her kind of explanation. 

Is it that hard to employ service staffs these days? Attitude was really bad! 

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