Wednesday, March 08, 2017


Stateland has been on our list of to-visit for the longest time. Way before they renovated and way before they probably introduced the chicken rice risotto! 

Glad to finally get the chance to visit today!


Located along Bali Lane, same stretch as Blu Jaz, diagonal from Raffles Hospital. 

The chicken rice risotto is top on my list to try! 


This is a very interesting dish. It really does taste like a porridge version of chicken rice with the chilli sauce. The risotto does taste like mui fan to some extent. Risotto with a very oriental feel. 


Good to try but not something I will crave and want to come back for. 


The other risotto we went for is the beef cheeks one....



Thought the beef cheeks were braised but turned out to be braised yet fried. Overall it was ok, not bad.

We also had a mentaiko gyoza...


The gyoza has too little meat for my liking. Haha

But overall, Stateland will be a place I wouldn't mind revisiting. Food is decent while not over the tops but pricing is very reasonable! 

A mains/risotto is about $20 which includes a drink, any drink! Can even be a coffee! 


We also ordered the dessert which is a Mochi donut thingy....



The soft serve comes in flavours of cookie peanut or banana. The cookie peanut is very cinnamon-ish while the banana is very banana! Haha the texture looks smooth but tastes more like ice popsicle. It's a pity they only had these two flavours coz I didn't really fancy it, wish they had flavours like vanilla.

The mochi donut is good in terms of texture!

For salted egg lovers, they have his one that's really good!



The texture as well! Damn good! 

Again, wish they had regular vanilla soft serve! 

Service is great too! Opens till 10pm. Last order for food at 9pm, last order for desserts at 9.30pm!

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