Saturday, January 21, 2017

Beauty in a pot

Despite some unpleasant incidents previously, Beauty In A Pot remains to be my favorite hot pot. I guess I really like their soup base (both collagen and mala) - yes, mala, I typically won't even order mala. Aside from the soup base will be their meat! The beef and the pork are both good! And we already know which type of beef / pork we like! 

So when I first heard they had an outlet at Centerpoint, I was happy on different counts. Firstly, one km one won't be as crowded. It's almost impossible to do a walk in to the one km outlet at regularly dinner hours. The earliest table is like 9pm or 10pm. 

Secondly, the Centrepoint outlet opens till 6am (yay! Supper for after mahjong!) 


Despite all the hype, we managed to get reservations at 11pm. Despite the reservations, still need to be patient to wait for awhile. But it's a manageable wait. 

And of coz, had to try the new soup base that they have here that one km doesn't. Interestingly they allow up to 4 soup bases! Yay yay yay!


There was herbal chicken, tomato, coconut and vegetarian. We went for the usual plus herbal and tomato.

The tomato soup turned out to be really good! I know many people like HDL's but I haven't really tried that. This one tastes a little like minestrone! Haha


It was a very satisfying round of supper!

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