Friday, December 30, 2016

Terra Tokyo Italian Restaurant

for dinner, she brought me over to Terra over at Tras street. It was omakase style.

first dish was an uni toast...

oh yes, check out the UNI!!!

It was GOOD! like seriously GOOD!!!

second dish was a tiger prawn sashimi like thingy... 

it was also SO AWESOME! SO LITTLE BUT SO AWESOME! like the scampis!

3rd dish is crab pasta... 

the crab meat was so bouncy it almost tasted like lobster. the pasta texture was also really bouncy (the kind i like). Taste of the tomato base was also good. Overall an enjoyable dish!

Next up was the iberico pork risotto

flavourful in taste. Also good.

next was the beef. It was so good! Charred on the outside with some fats, OMG..


So tender and so juicy. One bite you can tell its good quality meat! I didn't fancy the sauce like how i usually like it with just salt and pepper but bunny liked the sauce.

Dessert was Kiwi ice cream with fruits. It may not look exciting (which was what i initially thought) but turned out the fruits were really good! Right down to how soft the pear was! 


Overall it was a nice meal!

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