Thursday, August 14, 2014

日日红 Mala Hot Pot

People's Park Food Centre,
32 New Market Road #01-1042 & #01-1052
s050032 (Chinatown) 

We were around the area and Fishy has been pretty hooked onto ma la xiang guo recently. So we decided to share share and try one of the most popular ma la xiang guo around...

So apparently you choose the ingredients you want - the rathe typical steamboat kind of items like vegetables, meat, etc. The person then stir fry it in some ma la sauce for you.

 My initial impression was i thought it would be like steamboat. turns out it is dry with some sauce below. Pretty good. We asked for xiao la (a little spicy). But quite expensive. Ours cost us around $15! But good for sharing!

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